8-Day / 21 Day Hatha Yoga Program Guidelines / FAQ

Program Dates:

8 day program: May 24, 1 PM – May 31, 2017, 3 PM.
21 day program: May 24, 1 PM – June 13, 2017, 3 PM.

Please arrive at Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore before 1 PM on 24th May 2017 and plan your departure after 3 PM on the last day of the respective program.

Program Components: 

8-day program: 1.Upa Yoga, 2.Surya Kriya, 3.Yogasanas, 4.Bhuta Shuddhi
21-day program: 1.Upa Yoga, 2.Surya Kriya, 3.Yogasanas, 4.Bhuta Shuddhi, 5.Angamardana


From Coimbatore Airport: At the airport, pre-paid taxis to “Isha Yoga Center” are available for a fixed price. Airport Prepaid: 99764 94000. The drive will take about 1.5 hours.
From Coimbatore Railway Station: At the railway station, taxis are readily available. The drive will take about 1 hour. Regular buses from the railway station to the Yoga Center are also available.
From Coimbatore Bus Stand: Regular buses to Isha Yoga Center are available every half hour starting from 5.30 am at Gandhipuram, Coimbatore.
To book a taxi, you can call the Isha travel helpline: 9442615436, 0422-2515430.
Other options include:

  • Taxi Taxi: 0422-40506070, Airport Prepaid: 99764 94000,
  • Fast Track: 0422-2200000, 88077 63308 (Please check charges and book in advance).
  • Ola mobile app


You must register for the program online through the registration link provided and get the confirmation for your registration. For cottage accommodation, please choose the respective package with cottage stay during registration (subject to availability). By default, participants will be staying inside the program hall with dedicated space for luggage.
Upon arrival at Isha Yoga Center, please check-in at the welcome point which will open on 24th May, 2017 from 6 am onwards. Please arrive and report for check-in at Isha Yoga Center before 1 PM on May 24th 2017. Please bring a printed copy of your e-receipt & ePass as a confirmation of your registration. Please ensure that you bring a valid Government approved Photo ID card (like passport, driving license or Adhaar card).


Program stay is available only from May 24th – June 13th 2017 and stay will not be available before or after the program dates. We request you to plan your travel accordingly.
If you are arriving before 24th May 2017 for the program or staying after the program, please book a cottage by sending an email to ishastay@ishafoundation.org. If a cottage is not available, please plan your stay in Coimbatore city.


Participants are requested to bring their own beddings or sleeping bag. Participants will be sleeping inside the program hall laid with carpets. Please note that the yoga center is not equipped to provide bedding.

Program Timings: 

The session will start at 5:30am every day and continue until 9:30pm. There will be breaks during the day. The program will be intense, with 7 hours of physical postures and 3-4 hours of sitting on the ground.

Attendance and Commitment:

In order to make use of this program, it is very important that you attend the program in a committed way. Participants must be present at all sessions and be seated on time before the class begins. It is important to note that, if one is late for a session, they will be asked to leave the program.

Medical Fitness:

Participants who will be staying in the shared accommodations will be retaining their own mobile phones and valuables with them. It is best not to bring expensive items like electronic gadgets and laptops. In order to safeguard the contents, please bring a small luggage lock with 2 or more copies of the key.


Please bring general medicines for cold, fever, pain relieving ointments, muscle relaxants, etc., as well as any other regular medication prescribed for you.

Yoga Mats:

Participants must bring their own yoga mats.

Translation into Other Languages:

Live translation will be provided in the following languages during the 8-day Hatha Yoga program: Russian, Mandarin, Hindi and Tamil. Those who require translation into these languages from English, please bring a mobile phone and headset with FM radio capabilities. It is best to bring a power bank to ensure sufficient battery life. Battery life should last 5-6 hours without charging.

Mobile phone usage:

In order to make the most of your stay at Isha Yoga Center, participants are advised to keep mobile phone communication to the minimum possible. Mobile phone charging facilities may be very limited. It is recommended not to have business communications during the program.


Weather at the Isha Yoga Center is warm from April through September with temperatures reaching a maximum of 35°C (95°F). Light clothing is recommended. A light sweater or shawl will be useful as evenings may be cool. As it is situated near the Velliangiri Mountains, the ashram and surrounding areas receive regular rainfall during this period. It is best to carry light rain gear, like an umbrella or raincoat.


Participants are advised to wear loose and comfortable clothing for the program. White clothing is mandatory during the program. Please bring clothing that covers shoulders, knees and midriff at all times for both men and women. Proper attire includes: ankle-length pants for both men and women (no capris or shorts) and long shirts that cover the upper arms and thighs. Please avoid tight clothes – both for your own comfort and as a sign of respect for the local culture.
Loose fitting salwar/churidhar sets and kurta/pyjama would be ideal. You can find these in all leading textile/garment shops. They can also be purchased online at ishashoppe.com or email support@ishashoppe.com for more details. Finding the required number of sets that are of your size may be a challenge just before the program begins, so please finish your purchases well ahead of time!


Due to shortage of water, washing clothes and laundry services will not be possible. 8-day program participants should bring 10 sets of white clothes to last the entire duration of the program. 21-day program participants are also requested to bring 10 sets of white clothes. Laundry facilities will be available for the 21-day program participants after the 8-day program. They will be able to pick up and drop off laundry every 4 days. Each garment may cost around Rs. 20 for washing and ironing.


Removing footwear before entering interior spaces is a part of the cultural ethos. For your convenience, please bring footwear that can be easily removed.


Participants who will be staying in the shared accommodations will be retaining their own mobile phones and valuables with them. It is best not to bring expensive items like electronic gadgets and laptops. Lockers will not be available. In order to safeguard your belongings, please bring a small luggage lock with two or more copies of the key.

Bhuta Shuddhi Kit:

Participants will be initiated into the Bhuta Shuddhi process. In order to continue the practice at home, a kit will be provided to all participants. The cost of the kit is included in the program fees.

Toiletries & Other Items:

Family members or friends who are coming together should keep their belongings and toiletries separate, as they may be given different accommodation. Please bring a torch light, umbrella and mosquito repellant (cream/lotion).


A wholesome southern Indian vegetarian diet will be provided. There are two full meals served at the Isha Yoga Center: brunch at 10 am and dinner at 7 pm. A soup will be served in the afternoon. Please do not bring snacks and eatables.

Recording / Photography:

Please note that photography is permitted only near the entrance to the Dhyanalinga complex. Kindly refrain from taking photographs or recordings anywhere else within the Yoga Center.

Leaving ashram premises:

Participants are not permitted to leave the premises of the ashram for the duration of the program. Please bring all necessities for the duration of the program, including medicines, toiletries, etc.

Important note:

Smoking, alcohol consumption, or consumption of any kind of intoxicant is strictly prohibited. You will be asked to leave the ashram immediately if found in possession or using such substances.

Please bring the registration receipt and ePass that you have received upon completion of the online registration process (fee receipt) when you come for the program.