“You can use this yoga just to get rid of your backache, to improve your mental focus, or to find a little peace of mind and happiness in your life – or you can use this yoga as a ladder to the Divine.”

– Sadhguru

Pravin Gordhan

Minister of Finance and key figure in the nation’s political past and present, celebrates South Africa’s Youth Month with Sadhguru, yogi, mystic and visionary humanitarian, and the tremendous possibility of youth.

Youth can construct themselves into either the most beautiful human beings or into ugly human beings – a tremendous possibility or a disaster. In a lively and insightful discussion, they look at how to nurture the possibility and avert disaster.

Pravin Gordhan with Sadhguru

‘Inner Engineering – Directing Your Destiny’

Wednesday 15th June, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Theatre of Marcellus, Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg

In association with the Consulate General of India, Johannesburg
In celebration of International Day of Yoga

Entry free on a first come basis. Doors close at 6:15 pm.
Minimum age: 14 years

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