Inner Engineering with Sadhguru

17-19 June 2016
Speke Resort, Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda

“As we have a physical science to create external wellbeing,
there is a whole inner dimension of science to create inner
wellbeing, I call it Inner Engineering.”

– Sadhguru

Inner Engineering is a dynamic blend of interactive sessions, guided meditations, asanas (simple yogic postures), and the Shambhavi Mahamudra – a 21 minute simple but powerful kriya. (A kriya is an inner energy process based on the breath.)

These components of Inner Engineering lead to inner growth and wellbeing by bringing your entire system into alignment so that your body, mind, emotions, and energies function in complete harmony.

“The purpose of yoga is to remove conflict. Conflict does not mean two people fighting. There are conflicts in our own body, mind and energies.”

– Sadhguru

The course offers tools and solutions that can:

  • Help you handle everyday life situations better
  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance mental clarity and decision-making
  • Improve relationships
  • Optimise physical health
  • Empower you to create your life the way you want it

“I feel a lot lighter, I eat less, I focus more, I’m calmer, and generally feel good towards other human beings.”
– Inner Engineering participant, Uganda

“At first I was skeptical that it had some Oriental religious affiliations, but I know first-hand now that it is a science, a conduit to further human capabilities and experience. The level of calmness I have attained is just undeniable, I have high levels of energy and sometimes I just feel so happy I wonder if I am alright.”
– Shakib Muyanja, Uganda

“Participating in the Inner Engineering programme, I cannot explain the bliss I felt… It was like being a lost rose which finally found the soil to nurture it and the suns energies to direct it – to fill it up so completely that it allowed that rose to blossom.”
– Jaya Thakrar, Uganda

What is Inner Engineering and its Impact?

Why Inner Engineering Now?

Program Rates

Rates include program fee and meals within the program timings

Early Bird (20% discount, ends 3rd June)

  • General seating Ugx550,000 ($165)
  • Premium seating* Ugx960,000 ($290)

Standard price (after 3rd June)

  • General seating Ugx690,000 ($210)
  • Premium seating* Ugx1,200,000 ($365)

*Premium seating is closer to the stage

Program Venue and Timings

Speke Ballroom, Speke Resort, Munyonyo, Kampala
Friday, June 17th: 3pm-9.30pm
Saturday, June 18th: 8am-9pm (breakfast and lunch included)
Sunday, June 19th: 7am-1pm (breakfast included)

Please note that attendance at all sessions is required.

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