• Devotion

    “When you hold someone’s wellbeing above your own, that’s devotion. I look terribly arrogant but I am a devotee. This will be very hard for you to digest. I am devoted to you. In every way I live for you. I took this very birth to make this happen for you – and that’s devotion.”

  • During the Anaadhi program at iii

    “Your relationship with people is generally body, mind, or emotion-based. These kinds of relationships cannot go beyond a certain point. But a master-disciple relationship is on an energy basis, where the master touches you in a dimension where nobody else can.”

  • Sadhguru walks on the banks of Manasarovar

    “Manasarovar is a ‘Lake of Consciousness.’ This is not just a water body, it is a tremendous phenomenon. Manasarovar has softened my intellect to a point where I am willing to believe any toothless grandmother stories, because what’s happening here beats all the tall stories you might have heard.”

  • Handling a king cobra at the Isha Yoga Center

    One bite will give you only 6-8 minutes to live. But Sadhguru’s deep connection with snakes, keeps him and his friend at ease.

  • An impromptu ball game on a Tibetan plateau

    “In a simple travel of the ball, the whole cosmos is involved.”

  • Group photo near Kailash

    “When I bow down to Kailash, I bow down to Him the same way I would bow down to my Guru. Never before I have done that in my whole life.”

  • In the Velliangiri Mountains near Sadhguru Caves

    Sadhguru spent many months in meditation here, in lifetimes past. Engulfed by cool rapids and the sun on his back, he sits still, like the rocks.

  • When was the last time you kneed a soccer ball?

    Sadhguru’s love of sports goes back to his schooldays when he played hockey, kabaddi, football, volleyball, boxing, soccer, cricket and badminton.

  • In Nepal

    A Culture so gentle
    Under mass of time did crumble
    In an effort for eternal mantle
    They made every step a Temple

  • 432

    A number that keeps recurring in cycles of time, in nature, and in many cultural traditions, 432 is also the number of dimples on many golf balls.

  • During the trek to Kailash

    Sometimes a third eye isn’t enough. Even mystics need four eyes occasionally!

  • Signing a copy of Dhyanalinga: The Silent Revolution

    “When I sign a book, many people tell me, ‘Please write my name.’ But I never put anyone’s name at any time because the blessing is for anyone who opens the book.”

  • The notebook

    Many things are penned in that notebook, but no one else ever gets to see it!

  • “It’s very beautifully said in Zen:

    When you’re ignorant, mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers, clouds are clouds. Once you enter the spiritual path, mountains are no more just mountains, rivers are no more just rivers, clouds are not just clouds. But once you are enlightened, once again mountains are mountains, rivers are rivers, clouds are clouds. From ignorance to enlightenment, it’s a full circle back to the same place, but a world of difference.”

  • At home in the mountains

    “You are just a small outcrop of this earth, nothing more nothing less. If you were standing like a tree in one place all the time, if you just look at it, it’s very clear it is just a projection from the earth.”

  • During the Linga Bhairavi consecration

    “This is the way of a devotee. They are not logical people, they are very feminine. If you go by logical methods, it’s a long way. Many yogis choose the feminine way because they do not want to go through all the steps, they want to just jump.”

  • 1957

    The year the frisbee was born. And Sadhguru too! No wonder he loves to toss them around.

  • A session of games has even the tiniest of participants in absolute involvement

    “A child is someone who is fresh from the Divine works. Try not to teach but imbibe the ways of the Divine.”

  • A program comes to a joyous close around the Master

    “I know how to start a program and conduct a program, but I still don’t know how to close one properly because it never ends for me.”