Help bring yoga to schools across India

For this year’s International Day of Yoga, Isha will be offering simple yoga practices for health and wellbeing to 15 million children in over 25,000 schools across India.

Financially weak sections of society, whose children are generally in the government schooling system, will be the main beneficiaries. We will be training around 45,600 teachers to conduct sessions for the students.

We request your support in transforming these children’s lives, and ensuring the wellbeing of future generations. Your contributions will help produce the DVD learning material required to conduct the sessions. 

Note: This project adheres to the CSR Norms of Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013, and falls under the cause of “Preventive health and reviving this ancient tradition of evolving systems for holistic wellbeing of people”.

Donation Options(In Rupees):
2,500/- (Covers 100 DVDs)
12,500/- ( Covers 500 DVDs)
25,000/- (Covers 1000 DVDs)
50,000/-(Covers 2000 DVDs)
1,00,000/- (Covers 4000 DVDs)
5,00,000/- (Covers 20000 DVDs)

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