• Theerthakunds

    Sacred Water Bodies

  • Theerthakunds

    Sacred Water Bodies

“Essentially, Suryakund and Chandrakund are energy pools that melt away karmic blocks, and that allow you to experience Dhyanalinga.”


In India, it is tradition that prior to entering any sacred space, one is required to wet the entire body to help make one more receptive to the energies of the space.

The Theerthakund, a subterranean water body, with a solidified mercury lingam immersed in water, was built as a preparatory tool to enhance spiritual receptivity in a person before entering the Dhyanalinga. The Theerthakund is also very powerful by itself – it straightens out the energy or the pranic imbalances in a person, which leads to physical and mental wellbeing. Above all, it creates a tremendous receptivity to imbibe the energies of Dhyanalinga.

Opened to the public in March 2006, this unique underground pool specially consecrated by Sadhguru has been the source of deep spiritual experiences for many. The Theerthakund is energized by a submerged Rasalinga, allowing it to retain these energies almost eternally. Built as a vaulted structure that shares the same aesthetics and building principles as the Dhyanalinga, it employs simple, natural materials and earthy colors.

In December 2012, Sadhguru consecrated the Suryakund, a new Theerthakund for men. The existing Theertakund was converted into the Chandrakund for women. The energies of the Suryakund are essentially masculine in nature, whereas the energies of the Chandrakund are feminine in nature.


Embedded 30 feet below the ground, and approached by a descent of thirty-two massive steps, the Chandrakund is framed by gigantic granite stones and vaulted by a colorful mural depicting the Mahakumbha Mela. Measuring 55 x 15 ft., this exquisite artwork follows the traditional Kerala style of painting dating back to the 15th century, using only natural colors and vegetable dyes.


One major feature of the Suryakund that nobody can miss is the Sun sculpture which hangs from the ceiling. Constructed in just two days, the Surya sculpture is 20 feet across and has been constructed out of brass and copper.


“Just a few minutes in the Theerthakund is enough to completely rejuvenate and awaken my entire body. My whole body is vibrating with a different level of energy and all my senses come alive.”

– Ganesh, USA

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