Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru will be conducting the “Isha Yoga with Sadhguru” program at the Isha Yoga Center from December 17 to 18. Being with Sadhguru in the consecrated space of the yoga center can open up profoundly impactful possibilities for an individual. The program is an opportunity to be initiated into a powerful yogic process directly by an enlightened master. It will take place at the Adiyogi Alayam, a sacred space created by Sadhguru specifically to fuel one’s exploration of the yogic sciences.

Technologies for Wellbeing

The program provides tools and solutions that empower and enable you to create your life the way you want it. It is a doorway to explore the fundamentals of life, using time-tested methods from the yogic sciences.

The course imparts practical wisdom to manage your body, mind, emotions, and the fundamental life energy within. It includes initiation into the powerful Shambhavi Mahamudra – a yogic practice of immense transformative power and antiquity – which can bring your entire system into alignment and harmony, thus enabling you to uncover your full potential.


Inner Engineering is neither a religion, nor a philosophy or dogma. It is a technology for wellbeing. One does not have to believe, just have to learn to use. technology will produce results irrespective of who you are”


Research findings for Inner Engineering participants

The program can help:

  • Enhance productivity, creativity and efficiency
  • Heighten concentration, memory and decision-making capabilities.
  • Establish joyful relationships and stress-free living .
  • Stimulate the release of physical, mental and emotional blocks
  • Relieve chronic ailments


“The perspective and practices that Sadhguru has given, gives you the strength and stability to go through the day without getting overly disturbed by stress. My equanimity and sense of calmness in the face of all that life throws at me has certainly improved a lot.”

Ravi Venkatesan

Author & Former Chairman, Microsoft India

“Inner Engineering teaches us to abandon our miseries and live blissfully. The most important takeaway is that we need to ‘make a life’ instead of ‘earning a living’.”

Chandrababu Naidu,

Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh, India

“Inner Engineering is down to earth, at the same time out of the world. The people, the ambience, the way the whole thing has been built and every little detail that has gone into it has been mind-blowing.”

Suhasini Maniratnam,


Ananda Alai E-book (Tamil)

“Ananda Alai” is your personal roadmap to joy and fulfillment. In this bestselling book, Sadhguru shows us how our joy doesn’t need to be routed through heaven. We can create happiness ourselves – right here, right now. Peppered with personal anecdotes and Sadhguru’s inimitable wit, the book has many practical insights on making joy your constant companion.