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Love is All About You

“Love is a huge longing to include another as a part of yourself. You want that which is not you to become you. It starts from gathering simple things around you, to seeking spirituality or God. The fundamental longing is to have a larger slice of life than what you have right now. You want to experience life a little more than the way it is right now.” – Sadhguru

Juhi Chawla in Conversation with Sadhguru

Sadhguru Speaks on Life & Love…

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Lessons of Life

“All human activity is relevant only to the extent you can touch another life, isn’t it? Would you like to write a book that nobody wants to read? Would you like to sing a song that nobody want to listen to? Would you like to make a movie nobody wants to see? Would you like to build a house nobody wants to live in? Would you like to cook food that nobody wants to eat? Anything that you do must touch somebody’s life only then there is joy to activity.” – Sadhguru

There are proven tools from the yogic sciences to bring inner balance and make every act of your life a fulfilling experience.

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Tools For Your Life… & Love…

Inner Engineering is offered as an intensive program for personal growth. The program and its environment establish the possibility to explore the higher dimensions of life.

Inner Engineering will help you:

• Evaluate personal values and life goals
• Generate inner peace and fulfillment
• Transcend limitations and fears
• Live & experience each moment to the fullest

Get proven methods to transform your life at the Inner Engineering Program with Sadhguru in Mumbai from November 7th to 9th.

Three Truths of Wellbeing

What does it take to live in well-being? To be in an abiding state of health, peace, love? In his first-ever self-help book, Sadhguru offers his characteristically pragmatic wisdom for a life of joy and fulfilment.


This is one of four Chit Shakti guided meditations will help you to manifest love, health, peace and success in your life.