“This life for me is an endeavor to help people experience
and express their divinity.
May you know the bliss
of the Divine.”
– Sadhguru

For all of the strides we have made in science and technology, with standards of living unimaginable a century ago, most human beings still remain in search of wholeness and purpose in their lives. Sadhguru has often said that “society is overripe for a spiritual process.” His fundamental vision is to offer the science of inner wellbeing to every human being – a science vitally helping realize the ultimate potential within. From this vision stem a multitude of projects, programs, and methods, all towards the same aim: to raise every human being to the peak of their potential, be exuberant, all-inclusive, in harmony within themselves and the world.

Perhaps Sadhguru’s mission is most succinctly summarized in his own paradoxical words: “I have no mission of my own. It is just that when you see a certain need around you, you do what you can do – that’s all. But I have a dream, that someday, walking on a street anywhere in the world, I would be able to meet lots of enlightened or realized beings. That would be the greatest blessing to happen to the world.”

Isha Yoga Programs

“Your success in this world essentially depends on how well you can harness the prowess of this body and this mind.”
– Sadhguru

In the yogic tradition, the word “yoga” is attached only to a complete path leading to self-realization. Isha Yoga is a comprehensive system that integrates the core of yogic science, and springs from the methods disseminated by Adiyogi himself over 15,000 years ago. These ancient technologies have been translated to suit the modern man, allowing millions of people around the world, from every section of society to experience their transformative benefits.

Isha Foundation is a flowering of Sadhguru’s guidance and wisdom. His deep experience and understanding of life, from the everyday to the ultimate, provide the inspiration for Isha Foundation’s vision of global harmony and individual empowerment.
Deeply touched and transformed by their personal experiences, volunteers bring to life Isha’s myriad activities, forming the vibrant force of dedication and love that makes Isha truly unique.

Isha Yoga Center

“The reason why the ashram is being structured and created the way it is, is to make people understand that a spiritual process does not mean barrenness of life. Spiritual process means grandeur of life. It does not mean obscenity of excess but grandeur of life. Some aspects very carefully crafted to be minimalistic, some elaborate and exuberant.” – Sadhguru

Located at the foothills of the lush Velliangiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu, South India, the Isha Yoga Center is a sacred space for self-transformation dedicated to fostering inner transformation and creating an established state of wellbeing in individuals. The center offers all four major paths of yoga – kriya (energy), gnana (knowledge), karma (action), and bhakti (devotion), attracting people from all over the world. A large residential facility houses an active international community of monks, full-time volunteers, guests and visitors, making it a vibrant hub of spiritual growth and activity.

Isha Institute of Inner-sciences

To a pointed question, why the need for such a big 1200 acre Isha Institute of Inner Sciences? Sadhguru said, “The most important aspect is universal in nature. Without any distinction of caste, creed, race or religion people can participate in this process. Every temple every place of worship should have been like this. But essentially because these institutions have come up with certain belief system it has naturally divided people. People who believe in one type of worship would not like to go to a place where another type of worship. This is not a place of worship. This is not a place of religion. This is not a place which is nurtured by some philosophy or belief system. This is the place we are exploring technology for well being. This is a place for people to find and make use of technologies for their own inner well being.”


“The whole process of Yoga is just to give yourself. Volunteering is a way of learning to make ourselves into a process of giving, and a tremendous possibility in that direction is to offer yourself through your work. ‘Volunteer’ means one who is willing. ” – Sadhguru

Social Initiatives

Sadhguru has established social outreach projects which go beyond charity, and work to rejuvenate the spirit of India’s rural people. He says, “Charity cannot be sustained and it is against human dignity. The person who receives it in some way falls.” In keeping with this profound insight, the projects offer more than just administrative or economic support and are based on a well-defined plan to revive the human spirit. These projects are sustained by a strong core of several thousand volunteers who share their time, energy, skills and resources.

Sanyas & Brahmacharya

“Brahmacharies are an investment for the future, to keep spirituality in its pristine purity and transmit it from generation to generation.” – Sadhguru
“Brahmacharya” means “the path of the Divine.” Isha Brahmacharis live with a burning intensity and commitment to realize their Ultimate nature, offering themselves as instruments to transmit technologies of wellbeing to all.

Isha Samskriti

Preparing Children not for the University but for the Universe
At a time when modern education is geared towards inculcating information, which is always subject to social, economic and technological changes, Isha Samskriti is an education system dedicated to a child’s overall development, enabling them to realize their full potential – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Shivanga Sadhana

Shivanga – Limb of Shiva

A powerful sadhana offered at the Isha Yoga Center, “Shivanga” has been designed by Sadhguru as a process by which one can come in touch with the very source of creation within.

“This process that we have set forth now, that we are referring to as Shivanga, anga means a limb-a limb of Shiva; the journey is from being a part of creation, to being a part of the source of creation or the Creator…If you light the fire of devotion in your heart, you will not live here as a piece of earth, but as a limb or a part of Shiva.” – Sadhguru

Global Harmony

Understanding the inherent humanity that unites all nations, religions and cultures, Sadhguru is recognized for his pioneering efforts to nurture global harmony.

Accessible to all

Perhaps it is Sadhguru’s ability to put across quantum leaps in ideas in a downright pragmatic manner that has attracted so many universities, international conferences and corporates to invite him as a speaker time and again. Or perhaps it is his uncanny ability to strip down complicated issues to their bare essentials. Either way, Sadhguru’s talks have brought clarity and perception to leading intellectuals, business leaders and policy makers around the world, creating a wellspring of inclusive action and economics.

Reviving Tradition

India’s cultural landscape goes back thousands of years and its various aspects reflect the diversity of the culture and serve as a deep source of spiritual inspiration. Unfortunately, the last few centuries of poverty and the recent wave of “pop culture” have decimated this cultural milieu. Sadhguru has set forth various initiatives designed to nurture, preserve and showcase the magnificence of classical Indian arts, crafts and traditions. The Isha Yoga Center is the vibrant focal point of this rejuvenation of India’s cultural ethos.

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