• Sounds of Isha

  • Sounds of Isha

“What does sound mean? In yoga we say Nada Brahma, which means Sound is Divine. This is because the basis of existence is in vibration, which is sound. This can be experienced by every human being. If you enter a certain state within yourself, the whole existence becomes sound.”


Mystics have always used sound in ways far beyond the realm of mere entertainment. A simple twang of the sitar string can give us a taste of the beyond, something that a thousand words may not achieve.

Sounds of Isha is an anomalous group of home-grown musicians inspired by their deep yearning to give musical expression to the Grace of Sadhguru. Coming a long way from their first performance in 2002, today they are an integral aspect of most of Sadhguru’s programs, helping to create an openness and receptivity in people to the spiritual processes that he so freely offers.

Sounds of Isha’s work is a subtle fusion of the rich and diverse beings that they are. Their melodies are a fusion of music from different parts of the world – traversing effortlessly and seamlessly across boundaries and cultures. The group members are volunteers with Isha Foundation and their inspirational songs are an outpouring of their passion to share a different dimension of the Foundation’s work. While the music of these songs soothes our minds and enthralls us, the true potential of the songs is in their capability to unfold the eternal silence that lies at core of the human being.

The group has performed at many prestigious festivals and conferences including the Jahane Kusrauv Festival in 2006, at several WPO, YPO and UN conferences. They have also performed with various celebrated artistes such as percussion Maestro Shivamani, Sufi Singer Zila Khan and Popular Performer Remo Fernandez.



If you could sing joy, what would it sound like? Alai Alai is a song that carries the exuberance of being human. Composed by Sounds of Isha, it is an expression of the boundless joy which has seeped into the hearts of millions across the globe in the form of “Ananda Alai – A Wave of Bliss” which originates in Sadhguru – yogi, mystic and founder of Isha Foundation.
Our special thanks to director (and Isha meditator) Rajesh Saathi for coming up with the idea for this video, and making it happen!









“Vairagya” literally means “transparent.” Just as clear flowing water in the river acquires the color of the soil beneath, one who is transparent has no color of his own. Color is a product of the breaking up of light, the basis of our ability to see.


Ye Devi

An invocation of the Grace and Presence of the Divine Feminine. These sublimely powerful chants were especially selected by Sadhguru, and adapted by Sounds of Isha, to be played at the consecration of Linga Bhairavi.



The play of existence is but the timeless alliance of creation, maintenance and destruction: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Their ceaseless mischief stages the dance of the cosmos. Of the three, the greatest is the destroyer. He is ‘that which is not’.

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