246 Pages
Published 2010

Sadhguru More Than A Life


This book is based on the author’s conversations with Sadhguru, as well as on archival material from the Isha Yoga Centre in Coimbatore. Sadhguru’s life story is a remarkable one, from his childhood snake-catching days to his motorcycle-riding youth. At the age of 25, sitting on Chamundi Hill in Mysore, the inner experience of enlightenment changes his life, opening up memories of many lifetimes and revealing his life’s mission. The story unfolds into realms of greater adventure and mysticism with the first wholeness program, the consecration of the Dhyanalinga and the birth of Isha.

Written by acclaimed author, poetess and Isha yoga meditator ArundhatiSubramaniam, this book is about Sadhguru’s journey. Containing the real life story of a young agnostic who turns into a spiritual Guru after his enlightenment, this is the chronicle of a man who, in the author’s words – “seems to pack the voltage of many lifetimes into one.”


Every Sentence told by Sadhguru in this book is worth practicing if you are a true seeker and want to quickly move on this journey from untruth to truth!

A must read for every human being
Om Prakash