Sadhana Stay at III

Here at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences, Isha meditators have the option of coming to the center to focus solely on one’s sadhana. This is an opportunity to come and establish one’s practices and promote personal growth in the sphere of powerfully consecrated spaces. The structured daily schedule includes practice times, sadhana sessions, volunteering, and video discourses by Sadhguru. The schedule is created to utilize every part of the day toward one’s growth. Meditators will have the opportunity to have their practices corrected by trained volunteers. Sadhguru has stated the importance of giving oneself at least three weeks each year exclusively dedicated to one’s sadhana. This stay option offers a possibility to remove yourself from the distractions of the daily routine and focus on your inner well-being. Sadhana stays can range from a few days, to a week, to extended stays based on what one’s schedule allows. A minimum of one week stay is recommended to derive the most benefit for inner growth and to take full advantage of the consecrated spaces at the center. To participate in the Sadhana Stay option one must have completed the basic Inner Engineering program including Shambhavi Kriya. Cost is the same as a regular guest stay at $55 per night for lodge accommodation (this includes meals). Upgrades to studio accommodations are an option based on availability. For more information contact